Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Super Hero Family Portrait

Another successful Etsy sale!  This client was great to work with, provided lots of feedback and had a clear vision of what she wanted.  Interesting enough she ordered from me after checking out The Comics Factory. A very popular company that also creates custom superhero portraits.  One thing she noticed was that while they simply draw the client's face onto a pre-made body and background, I create everything completely custom for the client.  And my prices are much more reasonable.  Just saying ;)  She was very happy with the finished product.

The top version is the one the client preferred as it was a bit darker color wise as  she specified.  I think this one maybe looks a little more like a comic book.

The 2nd version I did used cel-shading (only two colors similar to most cartoons).  I kind of preferred it as the characters “pop” a little more.  I’m curious which most people prefer.  Please let me know. Note the difference may seem negligible to most people.