Monday, April 11, 2011

Redesigning Superman

So here's my attempts at redesigning the most famous superhero of all, Superman...ambitious i know :).  The idea came from a desire to remove the trunks but keep the primary design the same. So the issue came up, how do we break up the light blue color. After looking at the fantastic four costumes from the films i was impressed with how they made use of a variety of shades of blue and yet the designs don't feel overwhelmed by the color. I also looked at wet suits and was impressed with how they use multiple colors in non-traditional ways and found inspiration in that method.

So you have the top primarily a light blue color, very traditional supes, but along the obliquies and down into the legs you have darker shade of blue. Also a portion of the light blue dives below the belt as i felt it better integrated the top and bottom pieces together.

In keeping the belt the only justification i could think of is that the suit is actually two pieces, pants for the bottom and a shirt for the top rather than one piece like the FF4.

Overall i tried to keep it as close to the original as possible while changing up the lower half (primarily) to remove the shorts. the variations add pipings or various colors and dark arms. I'm not sure which would work best but i feel that a version of this costume could work well for a redesign.

And here's a more polished version. 

Looking back on the design now, i would remove the belt or replace it with something else.  I'd make a more dramatic color variation as well.  


  1. Thanks, the only thing I really don't like anymore is the belt. I'd do something different now I think.